how to save money in India

How to Save Money in India

Spending money is good, but you need to make sure that you are not doing the same uselessly. It has been noticed that after getting a salary many people start spending that money without any need. If you can understand where to spend money and where not to spend, then you can have a lot of your money in the pocket. Mentioned below are tips that will have you to save some money in India.

Start your shopping with a list

It is always advisable to prepare a list of the things that you want to buy from the supermarket. You will find it quite surprising to know that the big giant marketers spend lots of money on decorating their store with a different variety of stuff. Moreover, they also place the goods in a scientific way so that the customer ends up buying more from the store. Other than this you must have observed that the supermarkets have a big basket near the bill counter and the item placed in those baskets are not more than a hundred rupees. This tempts the customer standing the queue to buy more goods. If you want to restrict yourself from all this, then you must prepare a bill before visiting the supermarket. Otherwise, what will happen is that you will go to a store to buy a t-shirt for yourself and when you return from the store you might have a handful of items in your bag.

Online Shopping

Everyone knows that shopping online is a great deal because you can avail lots of coupons and a discount on it. But before buying from an online store, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. Like you must always compare the price of the product over two or three websites this will help you in getting the best price for the same. Moreover, there is some website, which gives cash back on the purchase. If you buy from such website, then it may prove to be a profitable one. Nowadays, the online store is giving new facility to the customer that they can avail product at zero percent interest. They are giving these benefits even during the peak season. It will surely help you to save some money.

Never buy the offer deal

Restrict yourself from buying the deal that is on offer. You must have noticed that in the local store or at the supermarket they post an offer like buy two get one free. So, if you are one among them, who wants to save some money, then you must never get this deal. The reason behind it is that even if you are in need of one jean only then also you will end up buying three at the cost of two. This deal may seem a great discount for you, but in reality, you have paid double the amount, which needs to be paid because at that moment you needed only one jean for you. Prefer buying only those things, which you are in need of.

Opt for online booking for hotels and movies

Whenever you are going on a trip or vacation outing or enjoyment at holiday then prefer buying the tickets in advance. And other than this, while booking your accommodation and transportation, you should always make an effort to use your coupons as well as the discount code. If you do so, then you can bring down your price up to a large extent. When you go for such a trip or outing, then you must try to save every single rupee.

Make the plan for your monthly spending

The best thing that can help you to save money is by making a plan for your monthly spending. All that you need to do is keep a track on the cash as well as card transactions for at least thirty days. This will assist you in knowing the amount that you are spending over a particular thing, be it rent, travel, shopping or daily consumption. 

If you follow all the tips that are mentioned above, then I can assure you that you will definitely save some money. It does not matter what you earn; the only thing that matters at the end of the month is how much you have saved.

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