Travel insurance

Travel Insurance

You love to travel and also love to make most out of these trips. You always double check the things you should do before starting your journey. What about the travel insurance? We guess that you have not considered taking the best travel insurance plan while deciding on your trip. If yes, then take a look at the following points and know why you do need travel insurance.

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

All of us hesitate to put money on insurance especially for add-on insurances like travel insurance. If you are taking a trip within the boundary of your country, then it is not that important to opt for travel insurance. When you are planning to go to some foreign country, you must select the best travel insurance plan available in the market.

How To Buy Travel Insurance?

You can get your travel insurance done from a number of sources. When buying the flight ticket, you can ask the airline to arrange for the travel insurance for you during the trip. If the airline doesn’t provide this service, then you can hire any independent travel insurance agency to do that. Nowadays, all tour operators offer this facility to their clients. Check out with your credit card company as they can also provide the same.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

There is no fixed charge for travel insurance but it usually costs about 5% of your total trip cost which is very nominal compared to the coverage you are entitled for in a foreign country. You can check with a few travel insurers to know how much you need to pay and when to pay. Also consider the coverage you are getting in exchange of the quoted price.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurances are designed to combat any misfortune that may strike you during the trip. Solo purpose of travel insurance is to give you protection from all possible mishaps in a foreign country. Here we are discussing on the primary coverage benefits.

Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance 

All such insurances offer trip cancellation/trip interruption coverage. If your trip gets cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances, then insurer will reimburse you non-refundable travel cost. This is the main reason people should buy travel insurance.

Baggage and Personal Item Coverage

If your baggage is stolen or delayed due to any problem in transit, then travel insurance company is liable to pay you for the hassle you faced. Baggage misplacement or damage is a common problem in foreign trips. In such perplexing situation, your travel insurance can save you.

Emergency Medical Insurance

Just the way it is essential to have medical insurance in our everyday life, it is mandatory to have your travel medical insurance. It covers any sort of medical emergency arising from any accident or illness. Before you choose the travel insurance, you should reveal your medical history to the insurer so that they can suggest you the plan apt for you.

Accidental Death or Disbursement Insurance

In worst case if you or any of your family members dies during the trip or suffers from life-impairing disability due to some accident, the insurance company will give you lump sum amount to compensate the loss.

From the above discussion, it is very clear that travel insurance is certainly not compulsory for your foreign trips but you should go for it. Travel insurance safeguards you from a bunch of adversities and lets you enjoy the trip with complete peace of mind. So plan your trip safe with the best travel insurance plan.

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