Student travel insurance

Planning Your Study Abroad Get Student Insurance Policy

With increased competition comes increased opportunity. Students travel to study abroad where they feel they may receive a better education and exposure to a diverse range of jobs and possibilities.

Dreams are one thing, but reality is another. To facilitate your studies, you will require important documentation, which should include a good student travel insurance policy.

  • This type of policy can apply to you, the student, as well as your family members, who will at some point be required to travel in order to visit you.
  • The best form of protection you can give yourself while pursuing studies abroad is a smart student travel insurance policy, which is crucial for medical emergencies or accidents.
  • With all the money you have already spent on your education, the last thing you need is to unnecessarily spend a large portion more in case of a dire circumstance; accidents, robberies, death.
  • A student needs safety first, especially abroad. Otherwise your education itself could be jeopardized.
  • Suppose you have decided to attend university in the United States or Britain, and you succeed in getting into a fine institution. As you can imagine, cost of living and healthcare can be quite high in those nations.

Buying ideal travel insurance online ensures that you can alleviate expenses relating to unforeseen circumstances. Here’s what you can expect when shopping for travel insurance for studying abroad.

Student Travel Insurance Policy – Cover Essentials

Nothing is guaranteed in life. Life is more complex than most people would admit, and good insurance policies are one small part of the safety-measure you can take to help ease your way through various situations. What sort of benefits does a good travel insurance policy online bring?

Evacuation Measures

The policy helps pay for repatriation of the student in case they need extreme medical attention and have to return home. The same plan-benefit applies in case the student meets with a fatal accident, in which case body repatriation will be called for.

Studies Safeguard

There are, unfortunately, plenty of ways that your education can be hindered. Your choice of student travel insurance policy will help compensate for them accordingly.

Hijack Scenario

This may sound rather paranoid but is relevant regardless. It’s not uncommon to see terrorist scenarios taking place, and planes being hijacked. It’s a very real possibility, one that thousands of trained officials are helping prevent on a daily basis. A sound travel insurance plan for students will include a distress allowance in case you experience such a circumstance.

Compassionate Visit

This is often in connection to unfortunate events during which a family member’s presence is required. The policy can cover expenses to make this possible.

Losses & Delays

Suppose you lose your passport and are in absolute need of a new one. Suppose your trip to a foreign nation, or back to India, has been delayed (usually by more than twelve hours) for some reason. These are some of the handful of circumstantial issues covered by a good travel insurance policy.

Permanent Disability

We agree with some of you who say that certain instances in life are worse than death. Like a student incurring a permanent disability, which will obviously incur expenses for several reasons; including therapy and medical bills. You cannot cease their education, and lose even more in the process. A smart travel insurance online plan will contain a pre-decided compensation clause for such an eventuality.

Loss or Delay of Luggage

Crucial documents and important personal belongings will be traveling en masse with the student, making luggage-loss coverage a key factor in travel insurance plans. Depending on select factors, your items and/or documents can be replaced/reimbursed (in association with the carrier) to save you further hassle. A similar benefit could be available concerning luggage delays, with your chosen insurer compensating you for any delays in luggage so you can buy toiletries and other necessities until you get your belongings back.

These are some of the most important points and benefits to keep in mind when shopping for the best student travel insurance policy. Let us explore a directly contrary topic…

What Does A Student Insurance Policy NOT Cover?

Do not be surprised when you come across disturbing points here. They are valid and reasonable, and important to prevent customers from taking advantage of the system. Some of them are not catered to purely because they go above and beyond an insurer’s capabilities to cover.

Here are some of the scenarios that your chosen travel insurance online plan will not be responsible for:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse on the part of the student
  • Suicide or self-inflicted harm
  • Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Depression and similar psychological concerns
  • Mental disorders
  • Traveling against a doctor’s orders
  • Traveling while suffering from a terminal ailment or disease


Buying the ideal student travel insurance policy takes patience, a bit of cunning, and a deft approach. You are going abroad to study anywhere from two to five years (on average). That means you need to take as much time as you need to set yourself up with a smart insurance travel plan that will keep you and your interests safe during that entire course.

The last thing most students want is to keep changing their insurer, and go through the rigors of paperwork and premiums when you are abroad and in need of consistent coverage. Keep important cost-saving clauses in mind relating to: waiver of premiums, compulsory clauses, study interruptions, substitutes, extensions, eligibility, and mandatory risks.

When all is said and done, the perfect student travel insurance policy is one that is ideally tailored to your needs and requirements before you travel to study abroad.