LIC Login for New Users- Steps for LIC Online Registration

LIC Login for New Users- Steps for LIC Online Registration

I’m sure you already know that LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the country largest and the only public sector life insurance companies. LIC offers a wide range of services and features to make life easier for its policy holders.

But the most standout feature that makes LIC rather special amongst life insurance seekers in India is that the fact that companies offers easy access to premium payments and online status of policy online at its official website.

Policy holders can easily complete the LIC online registration process and make premium payments online, without having to take the pains of visiting their nearby LIC branches.

One common question that most people are faced with in terms of LIC online registration and usage is how to complete LIC online registration as a new user. Well, the procedure for LIC online registration for new users is simple and easy. One can simply follow a few steps and login to the LIC’s official website as a new user and make premium payments, check policy details and do much more.

In this article, we will how you can login to LIC’s official website as a new user. So let’s start with the step by step guide to LIC online registration for new users! Shall we?

  1. Go to LIC’s official website.
  2. Upon visiting LIC’s official web portal, click on ‘LIC’s e-Services’.
  3. Now, click on the ‘New User’ tab.
  4. Once you click on the ‘New User’ tab, you will be asked to submit all your vital policy details such as your policy number, your date of birth, your premium payment amount details and more.
  5. Once you submit all the details, click on ‘Proceed.’
  6. After clicking on ‘Proceed’, you will be promoted to select a ‘Username’ and ‘Password. Select a username that you may easily remember and choose a password that is strong enough and cannot be hacked easily.
  7. Once done, you will need to go back to the ‘Home page’ of the website.
  8. Now fill in your new username and password and click on ‘Submit’ button.
  9. Now you have been successfully completed the LIC online registration process.
  10. Next, go to Enrol Policies and enrol your existing LIC policy details in your account. Verify the Captcha form to view all your ‘enrolled policies’ at LIC’s official website.

Did you just see – how easy is to complete the LIC online registration process as a New User. And in case, you are wondering about the benefits of completing LIC online registration process, here is a little list of the key benefits of LIC online registration for new users.

Key Benefits of LIC Online Registration

  1. Online premium payments – The biggest benefit of LIC online registration as a new user is that one can easily make premium payments for LIC policies online! We’re sure you will agree that visiting a LIC branch in order to make a payment and then stand in the long queues to make the premium payment could easily be hassle. LIC online registration as a new user simply eliminates this hassle from your life.
  2. Policy Status Details – Many LIC policy holders will agree that keeping a check on the status of the policy is very important as it may save you from the hassles of paying additional charges and penalties in the event of forgetting your premium payment dates. LIC online registration for new users ensures that one is never late is making payments for their LIC policy premiums.
  3. Loan Status Details – There are a large number of LIC insurance policies that offer loan against the insurance policy at very attractive interest rates. This is a big relief for those who quickly need loans and do not want to get into the hassles of visiting a bank or wish to stay away from private, authorized lenders who charge a very high rate of interest. LIC online registration for new users is also very helpful for people taking loan against their LIC insurance policies. Upon login, they can easily see their outstanding balance, total amount paid so far, upcoming payments and much more. In addition, this facility helps such people make timely repayments for their loans.
  4. Claim Status Details: LIC online registration process for new users also allows policy holders to track the status of their claims. One doesn’t need to visit a branch very regularly to check about the status of the claims made on their policies. By logging into the LIC’s official website, such people can directly check their claim status online, without having to run from pillar to post.
  5. Adding Nominees – In addition to all of the above, policy holders can also add or modify nominees to their LIC policy accounts by competing online registration process for new users. It is immensely easy to add/modify nominees online. On the other hand, it could get utterly inconvenience for anyone to visit LIC branches or get in touch with their LIC agents to add or modify nominees to their LIC policy accounts.

In addition to all this, policy holders can do a lot of other things by just completing the LIC online registration process like checking benefit illustrations of different LIC policies to understand the terms and conditions better; make a complaint easily and without any hassles; and check policy condition details.

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