LIC Jeevan Bharati – I Plan Bonus Rates

LIC Jeevan Bharati – I Plan

Hello to all women out there and to all men who care about the women in their life, because this is one policy that is exclusively for WOMEN. It is a money back plan which can be used to purchase an insurance or investment at the maturity of the plan.

Under this plan, the premium needs to be paid for entire term of policy for 15 or 20 years, but survival benefit of 20% of sum assured are paid every 5 year during the entire term of policy. As maturity benefit, remaining amount of sum assured along with reversionary bonus and final addition bonus is paid. The policyholder may decide to withdraw the survival money later than its due date and get interest for that period, allowing the policy holder to customize the plan accordingly.

Features of LIC Jeevan Bharati- I Plan-

This policy for women has various special benefits for women, few are listed below.

  • Encashment of survival benefit as required

The policyholder is allowed to avail the survival benefit as and when they want, before or after its due date. If the policy holder avails the offer later, increased survival benefits as decided will be payable by the firm.

  • Availability to pay premium in advance

In this plan, the mode of premium payment is only yearly. However, this policy allows the policyholder to pay the next yearly payment in advance in maximum 3 installments during the year. If premium are paid in advance, a premium rebate decided by the company is allowed from time to time.

  • Maturity proceeds can be received in the form of an annuity

The policy holder has the option to receive the maturity proceeds in the form of annuity. The rate of annuity will be based on annuity rates available at the time of stipulated date of maturity.

  • Auto cover

Whenever premium payment is discontinued, the life cover will continue for 3 years from the due date of first unpaid premium. In the case of demise of policy holder during the auto cover period, then the death benefits after deducting unpaid premiums, with the interest is payable along with the bonus, if there is any.

The auto cover is not available for rider benefits.

Optional Riders of LIC Jeevan Bharati-I Plan-

These are the optional conditions available under this plan.

  1. Critical Illness Rider

In case of diagnosis of defined categories of critical illness, an amount equal to the critical illness rider sum assured will be payable to the policy holder. A person can avail its benefits up to a maximum age of 60 years according to the terms of policy. The benefit can be availed for a minimum sum of Rs. 50000 and for a maximum sum equal to the sum assured under the basic plan, with an overall limit of Rs. 5 lakh.

  1. Accident Benefit Rider

In case of demise or total and permanent disability of policyholder due to an accident during the policy term, an addition amount equal to the Accident Benefit Rider Sum Assured is paid. The benefit can be assured for a minimum of Rs 50000 and for a maximum amount equal to the sum assured under the basic plan to the maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs.

  1. Congenital Disabilities Benefits Rider

This option can be opted by a female between the age of 18 years and 35 years. If the policy holder gives birth to a child with specified congenital disabilities, an amount equal to 50% of the CDB sum assured is payable. This benefit can be availed for a maximum of two such children, and the benefit expires at the age of 40 years. The benefit can be used for a minimum sum of Rs 50000 and a maximum sum of Rs 5 lakh.

Eligibility for Basic Plan-

· Minimum age at entry level is: 18 years (completed)

· Maximum age at entry level is 55 years (nearest birthday)

· Maximum age at maturity level is 70 years (nearest birthday)

· Policy term- 15 and 20 years

· Minimum Sum Assured- Rs. 50,000/-

· Maximum Sum Assured- Rs. 25,00,000/-

(Sum Assured shall be in multiples of Rs.5,000/-)

The Reversionary Bonus Rates for LIC Jeevan Bharati-I Plan

Financial Year
(in which policy was active)
Premium Paying Term Reversionary Bonus Rate
(per 1000 Sum Assured)
2008-2009 15 28
20 30
2009-2010 15 28
20 30
2010-2011 15 29
20 31
2011-2012 15 29
20 31
2012-2013 15 29
20 31
2013-2014 15 29
20 31
2014-2015 15 29
20 31
2015-2016 15 29
20 31

LIC Jeevan Bharati-I Plan Bonus Rate for 2017-2018

Plan Term Reversionary Bonus Rate
%o Sum Assured (**)
Interim Bonus Rate
% Sum Assured (**)
Jeevan Bharti (Plan 160) 15 38 38
20 40 40

Bonus Rates if you have paid all the premiums till 31st March 2016

Policy start period Bonus Rate
(per 1000 Sum Assured)
Apr 2011 to March 2016 5
Apr 2006 to March 2011 10
Apr 2001 to March 2006 15
Apr 1996 to March 2001 25
Apr 1991 to March 1996 35
Apr 1986 to March 1991 45
Prior to Apr 1986 60

Depending on when you had opted for the policy, the above mentioned special bonus rate will also be paid out to the policy holders.


This is the policy provided by LIC exclusively for women. This policy offers you various special benefits along with additional benefits and bonus rates. The policy holder can withdraw the money even after the due date and get interest for that period.

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