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LIC Health Insurance Plans - Feature and Benefits

You must be knowing that Life insurance corporation of India which is short is known as LIC was first established to meet the insurance need of the people in India. But now you will be amazed to know that LIC is operating at the international level with its branches operating in London, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. So, I guess might got some idea that now LIC has got lots of branch and different services into it. And among all the LIC plans & products, the most popular product of this big brand is LIC health insurance plan.

The best part of this insurance plan is that it takes care of the entire expenses that occur during the treatment of any unforeseen medical condition. No one can deny the fact that in India the cost of medical treatment is increasing day by day, which makes the common people very hard to pay for the surgeries. Moreover, if you don’t have a proper insurance plan, then it can burn your pocket. A very dis-hearting statistics came up after a survey, which says that not more than fifteen percent of people living in India got their health insurance plan. Following this statistic, the world health organization gave data, which says that every year more than three percent of the people in India go to the poverty line due to the medical bills. And the most shocking figure was that almost seventy percent of the people spend their income entirely on healthcare.

LIC Health Insurance Plans

Plan Name Entry Age (Min -Max) Policy Term (Min-Max) Premium (Min-Max) Basic Sum Assured
LIC Jeevan Arogya You/Spouse 18-65 Years
Parents/parents-in-laws 18-75 Years
Children 91 Days – 17 Years
1 Year- NA Insured Rs 1922-3768
Spouse Rs 1393-2849
Child Rs 792-870
LIC Cancer Cover 20-60 Years 10-30 Years Min= Rs 2400/- for all mode 10-50 lakhs

LIC Health Insurance Plans Benefits & Features

Mentioned below are the lists of the benefits that are given by the LIC health insurance plan. They are:

Premium Waiver Benefit

Under this scheme of insurance plan, if a person undergoes any unforeseen condition like an accident then almost a hundred percent of the sum is payable to the insured people. And on an addition, they also waive the entire premium which needs to be paid after surgery.

Major Surgical Benefit

Moreover, if the insured person is taken for surgery then as per the norms the surgery amount is paid the insurance company itself. Where the minimum amount that is paid is one lakh, and it can extend the maximum to four lakh rupees.

Ambulance Benefit

As per the annexure of LIC health insurance plan if the surgery of the insured falls under the listed category, then the person will also get their ambulance charges refunded which should not be more than thousands. In some cases, it has been figured out that the Insurance Company pays a lump sum amount of thousand rupees to the person.

Addition of New Member

The best part of the LIC health insurance plan is that if the policyholder gets married, then he has the option to add his spouse to the existing plan. But the policyholder has to take this step within six months of her marriage. Other than this after getting your first baby, you can even add them to your plan, but the duration should not be more than ninety days. But you must also keep in your mind that premium hikes will be done as per the policy.

Other than this, if a person who is insured under the LIC health insurance plan gets admitted for more than twenty-four hours then the insured person who will also be eligible for the hospital cash benefit. But one demerit of this benefit provided is that this benefit is not people to the insured person who is not admitted for more than an hour.

For the cancer patients, the LIC health insurance plan is providing some extra benefit like during the early stage of cancer the policyholder is liable to get twenty-five percent of the money insured. Moreover, after the insured person gets diagnosed with cancer, then the remaining premium is lowered.

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There are countless features of LIC health insurance plan, and it serves a good purpose by giving money for the people to deal with the unforeseen medical conditions. Some of the features of the insurance plans are listed below.

  • It’s very easy to buy and easy for the pocket of common people.
  • You also have flexibility in paying premiums.
  • Premium waiver for the people who are seriously ill.

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