LIC e-Services – All You Need to Know

LIC e-Services – All You Need to Know

Life Insurance Corporation of India, also popular known as LIC, is one of the most popular life insurance service providers in India. In fact, the insurer is the only public sector life insurance provider in India. The popularity of India’s only public sector life insurance company is such that it has found millions of suitors, admirers, fans and patrons across the country. But LIC is not just popular; it is also the largest life insurance company in India.

LIC recently announced the launch of its e-Services. This facility has been carefully conceptualized and thoughtfully designed by LIC of India to provide easy access of all the vital information to the LIC policy holders. Some of the services available under LIC e-Services include online premium payments, the status of loan available, status of bonus accumulated on the policy, policy holder’s claim status, and much more. LIC e-Services have been conceptualized to ensure that policy holders are able to do all this and much more from the comfort of their homes.

The life insurance company came out with this recent development after IRDAI made it mandatory for insurance companies to provide policy holders with access to their policies online in a demat format through a repository service.

LIC’s e-Services is an amazing facility that is intended to empower LIC policy holders to carry out a wide range of activities without having to visit LIC branches physically and stand in queues for hours.

LIC e-Services are surely good news for this NRI policy holders who cannot visit LIC branches or get in touch with an agent. Earlier, only a few of these services were available to the customers via the official website of LIC. But now the company has finally decided to make the process more streamlined and easily accessible for all its customers.

Now that you have a fare idea of what LIC e-services are, it’s time to get to know what services are available to policy holders through this amazing service launched by LIC.

Services Available Under LIC’s e-Services

  • Payment of policy premiums online
  • Checking Policy status
  • Checking Loan status
  • Checking Policy claim status
  • Details of policy nomination
  • Details about premium calendar
  • Repository for policy documents and proposal form
  • Statement of premium payments made

Who is Eligible to Enrol for LIC’s e-Services?

All LIC policy holders are eligible to register online and avail the LIC e-Services. There are no charges for using LIC’s e-Services. All customers who have registered online at the customer portal of LIC or plan to complete the LIC online registration are eligible to avail LIC’s e-Services.

How can You Avail LIC’s e-Services?

In order to avail LIC’s e-Services, you will need to register and enrol at LIC’s official website. Don’t worry; LIC online registration process is fairly easier process and can be completed within a few minutes and a few clicks of your mouse. This is a one-time process and can easily be completed by any LIC policy holder.

But before you jump guns and get into the skin of LIC online registration in order to use LIC e-Services, it makes sense to understand the documents and information required to easily register at LIC’s official website.

Information and Documents to LIC Online Registration

  • Policy details including Policy numbers of all policies. This includes all your policies including policies in the name of your spouses and minor children.
  • Complete details about premium payment including the status of the premium payments and the amount of the outgoing premium. Remember, this does not include any service taxes.
  • Your identity proof. It could be either PAN card, Aadhar card or passport.
  • Your Pan Card Number.
  • Your email Id. Remember to provide a valid email address.


We are sure now you understand how easy is the LIC online registration process to avail the LIC e-Services. So simply follow this information provided in this article and register yourself at the official website of LIC to avail LIC e-Services that promise to make things easier, convenient and more accessible for you.

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