LIC Customer Care Numbers

LIC Customer Care Numbers

Thinking of a vacation what would one usually do? Yes, surely sit down and plan the vacation, the place, its cost, baggage, amenities, medicines, etc. I presume no one will go about in life without planning, looking at the future, the environmental changes, the inflation and the multiple new entries of sickness that have sprung up.

To bear the cost of medicine and in case of an unexpected event, the future of the family finance is at stake and life is at a standstill. In this case, the best solution is an insurance and an insurance provider who caters to your every need and listen to your problems.

What Is LIC?

Life Insurance Corporation of India is a Government-owned insurance. The company has come up with various health plans to suit every budget and as an umbrella to shelter the insured and his family from any untoward incident.

What is LIC Customer Care?

The friendly and efficient services rendered to a customer in a highly professional and helpful manner is Customer care. Life insurance Corporation provides a high professional assistance right from the start all throughout the period and even after the insured’s requirements are met.

LIC customer care handles the situation of all its customers’ ensuring perfect satisfaction to its customers. Providing the best advice and assistance as an important caretaker to its customers is the motto of LIC customer care.

Benefits of LIC Customer Care

LIC customer care has esteemed professionals who can guide you with precise details you need with reference to:

  • The latest LIC Policy schemes and benefits.
  • Locating your policy number and status
  • In case of loss of policy, you will be guided how to procure a duplicate one
  • Procedures with regards to matured policy
  • Redressal of any grievance
  • Change of address in the LIC policy
  • Refund to nominees
  • Collection of premium certificates
  • How to register and use the LIC’s online portal service.

What Can LIC Customer Care Do For You?

Delivering an excellent and matured service to a customer is what precisely any customer would expect. This is where LIC customer care has not lagged but gone ahead as per as customer experiences compared to other insurance companies.

The professional team of LIC customer care gives a listening ear to what the customer really needs and advices its customers in a most friendly and satisfactory way. The customer’s needs such as:

  • Benefit of doubt regarding the policy
  • Policy maturity
  • Premium due
  • Collection of premium certificates
  • Procedure to renew the policy
  • Any other doubts or queries

Reviews on LIC Customer Care

Some of the reviews regarding LIC customer care are enticing, encouraging many of the others to leave aside their doubts.

Most of the reviews spoke about how the customer care personnel in a professional manner guided them and supported them the extra mile by sending an advisor. While some reviews praised the cool attitude and support of the customer care staff. Some even mentioned that since the customer care was suited to speak in the customers’ dialect, it was easier to connect with the staff.

How to Connect to LIC Customer Care

Remember LIC customer care is available in every state and operates Monday to Saturday. The customer care is available Monday to Friday from to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. LIC customer care can be contacted at the toll-free numbers – 1800334433 and 1800224077

For any policy related grievance redressal, the customer can contact the LIC Grievance redressal officers at any of the levels be it LIC branch or division or zone or corporate.

LIC Customer Care on Phone

LIC customer care is also available as an SMS helpline simply by typing LICHELP leaving a space and typing the policy number and forwarding it to 9222492224 or 56767877

Additionally, you can also type out an SMS like – SMS LICHELP <> to 9222492224 or 56767877.

What Services are Rendered by LIC Customer Care?

LIC customer care has separate zones for services, information and assistance.

Services rendered by LIC customer care:

  • Change of address
  • Premium paid certificates
  • Pension policies
  • Redressal of Grievance

Information provided by LIC customer care:

  • Premium points
  • Bonus
  • Loans
  • Revivals
  • LIC plans and benefits

Assistance rendered by LIC customer care:

  • Filling up application forms
  • Registrations on LIC’s Customer portal
  • Registration of mobile nos. E-Mails, pin codes and any other policy related need of the customer.

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