How to Update Registered Email ID of LIC Online Login

How to Update Registered Email ID of LIC Online Login

If you’re reading this – chances are – you already know that Life Corporation of India, popularly called LIC, is one of India’s largest and the single public sector life insurance company. In fact, the insurer is ranked alongside some of the world’s largest insurance companies. The company is so popular that it has found a large number of suitors, admirers, patrons and fans all across the globe.

But why is LIC or Life Corporation of India so popular?

The answer is pretty simple! This amazing insurer offers a wide variety of insurance plans to suit every need; it has a strong coverage in every part of the country and even abroad; and most of all it is one company that is immensely easy to reach out to.

The staggering line up of 23crore customers, more than 2000 branches and an agent strong network is a testament of the fact that this company leaves no stones unturned when it comes to offering cost effective, trustworthy and comprehensive life insurance solutions to its customers across the country.

Let’s look at some of the key features of LIC that make it stand out of the crowd:

  1. Pan India Presence: As discussed above, LIC is present in almost all parts of the country, even the furthest places in the country. Its strong presence in the country only adds to its ever-so-growing popularity amongst life insurance seekers in the country. The company boasts of over 2000 branches in both rural and urban destinations in the country and operates with a strong network of over a million insurance agents. Its strong PAN India presence and its solid network of agents boost its popularity and make its policies and plans amongst the most revered commodities for life insurance seekers in the country.
  2. Consistent Claim Settlement Ratio: Claim settlement ratio is perhaps the first thing that informed life insurance seekers look for when buying life insurance products from a life insurance company in India. And in terms of claim settlement ratio of life insurance companies in India, LIC simply leads the pack with its consistent and ever-rising claim settlement ratio. In fact, if experts are to be believed Life Corporation of India settles more claims in a year than any other private sector life insurance company. Check out the claim settlement ratio of LIC from the year 2007-2016 (year on year)
Year 2007-08 2008 – 09 2009 – 10 2010 – 11 2011 – 12 2012 – 13 2013 – 14 2014 – 15 2015 – 16
Claims Settlement Ratio 96.71 95.48 96.54 97.03 97.42 97.73 98.14 98.19 98.33
  1. Brilliant Policies and Amazing Features: Well last but certainly not the least; LIC is popular for its amazing life insurance products that seem to fit in every budget and every pocket. With so much on offer – from endowment plans to money back policies, LIC makes it easy for people to select what they want and at the budget they have. Not only do the plans from LIC stand out, the features and benefits offered under each of its brilliant plan seem to make absolute sense for life insurance seekers. The newest and perhaps the most popular feature offered by LIC is it’s online facility.

LIC eService – Exceptional Online Facility

LIC eServices offer a complete peace of mind and relatively easier way to make premium payments online, check policy status and do a lot of other jobs related to your LIC plans and policies, without having to run from pillar to post.

In order to avail LIC eServices, all you need to do is to visit the official website of Life Corporation of India and register online as a new user. During the registration process, you will need to fill in your email address. Make sure of filling your most updated email address as LIC would notify you about its offering and your policy status via email, time and again. So it is important to get your email correctly listed on the website during online LIC login process. But what if you are forced to close your email address and create a new one. How would get your new email address updated on your LIC policy.

Steps to Update Registered Email ID of LIC Online

There may be a case that you have forgotten the email address that you used when signing up on the LIC website or you may not have access to the email that you have registered already at LIC. In such cases, what should you do? Remember, you cannot update your email address online like your passwords.

So let’s find out how to update your registered email for LIC Online login:

1: You will need to write an application to LIC

2: You will need to send your LIC policy bond, premium receipt and identity proof along with the application to LIC. You may choose to send valid passport, Pan card or Driver’s License as your identity proof.

3: Submit the application with required documents to your nearest LIC Branch. Make sure of submitting the application to the branch from where you purchased the policy or where it is registered. Alternatively, you may submit the application at LIC Customer Zone and request to update your email.

Once the process is completed and the verification is confirmed by LIC, your email will be updated for LIC online login.

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