Aadhar or PAN Compulsory for New Registration on LIC Website

Aadhar or PAN Compulsory for New Registration on LIC Website

The largest insurance company in India is the Life Insurance Company of India commonly known as LIC. Being one of the largest and oldest insurance company, this company was founded on the 1st of September, 1956 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

The products that are primarily distributed from the company for the use of customers include life insurance, health insurance, investment management and mutual fund policies.

The LIC Website

Earlier, everything that was dispatched from the company was done through the employees to the customers on a one-on-one basis. This procedure allowed the employee to state whichever plan that the customer wanted in order to satisfy their needs and answer all their grievances and doubts.

In the digital age that we live in, this system of buying and sharing policies is rare. Everything can be found online and all doubts can be cleared through the same. LIC of India has its own website. The website has all the policies clearly defined for the benefit of the customers.

Customers need to go to the website, check out the policy or insurance of their choice, read the details of the insurance, register with LIC and then buy the appropriate insurance of their choice.

Registering with LIC India

For registration with LIC India there are a couple of steps that individuals need to follow before they can get the ideal insurance policy of fund of their choice. The or registration of new members is all done on an online basis which makes the process simpler for customers. Some of the steps involved are as follows:

  1. Individuals who want to register with LIC need to log into the online LIC website (www.licindia[dot]in). They need to go to the server tab of the website page and click on the ‘New User’ option that is present in-front of them.
  2. The policy that the member wants to avail of needs to be mentioned by the individual along with details such as the policy amount, the policy number, the date of birth of the individual, address proof etc. once all the required fields of the online registration form is filled, the individual is allowed to click on the proceed button on the webpage.
  3. For logging into the LIC webpage for more than one time and to access one’s own personal information, the individual needs to create their own unique username and password. This is the key to accessing their data and is to be known to the specific individual only. There are, conditions for the username and the password since they need to meet certain number of criteria to be accepted by the website itself.
  4. Once the username and password are created, the individual can proceed to submit the registration form that they have filled up which was provided by LIC’s webpage.
  5. ‘Enroll Policies’ is the tab through which individuals can buy new policies and choose the policies that they want to keep in their own unique profile.
  6. Through the LIC webpage and the unique registration ID of each and every customer, customers can buy policies, pay for premiums through an online connection.
  7. For payment of premium for existent policies, it is not necessary for an individual to register with the LIC website.

Link Aadhar Card and PAN Card to LIC policy

The Need for Aadhar Card and PAN Card to Register with LIC

The Aadhar card that is provided by the Indian Government is a document of identification. There is a 12-digit unique identification number which is different for each and every individual.

PAN card is also known as Permanent Account Number card which is a 10-digit alphanumeric identification car which is allotted to each taxpayer of the country from the Income Tax Department. Both PAN card and Aadhar card serve as identification proof for an individual.

As an individual is registering themselves with the LIC website, they need to provide copies of their Aadhar card or PAN card in order to complete their registration. This copy is provided in the form for registration.

As mentioned above, the two cards are so that the LIC company can identify the individual and make sure to note their unique identity numbers for cross referencing and for storing it in their databases also. Those who have already registered with the LIC site also need to provide the same cards through linkage in order to continue services from the company’s end.

E-Services that are Provided by LIC India

On an online portal, the best way for the company to make sure that they are functioning efficiently is so by enhancing their UI or User Interface. This can only be achieved through improving the website in itself.

Enhancing the navigational property of the website itself is the first step to enhancing the website as a whole. The website should be such that individuals can achieve their goals through the minimal steps possible.

Some of the e-services that are provided by LIC India include the reviewing of policy schedule, knowing when their policy ends, paying and renewal of policies from the customer’s end, display of the plan-term. Through the online website, policyholders can check the date that they issued a particular plan, the date for the renewal of the plan and the sum assured as well.

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